About Us

J Promotions was founded by John Peters as a specialist agency / consultants offering the products and services that John has specialised in as a Marketing Director and Consultant for several international companies.

Product and Service Evolution

Over the years we have diversified offering a wide range of marketing and event management products and services which have all benefited from our in-depth marketing knowledge. With a keen eye on detail and ensuring our attention to detail is second to none we have picked up and retained a core number of event locations that turn to us as their ‘Go to supplier’ , having proven ourselves as a high end, high quality no messing organisation.

With an ever-growing number of events we put on ourselves that cater for our business and social events clients, I’m sure you will find something that fits your requirments!

About Organisation Founder John Peters

John has spent his entire working life at the cutting edge of marketing and sales, during the early and mid 90’s as a Sales and Marketing Director of a nationwide direct mail organisation, he was winning industry national marketing awards for innovation and success. During 1996 recognising the impact that the web would have and embracing online selling, many years before others had even shopped online, John introduced his first eCommerce website for a nationwide direct mail organisation. Shortly followed by product specific micro sites taking advantage of what was the phenomenon of search engine provided traffic. Since then John has gone on to build from scratch two multi-million pound UK companies, consult at board level for organisation such as Sony and Facebook and has worked at director level for several international businesses. Never afraid to get his hands dirty as such John is very much involved in every project J Promotions takes on to ensure all customers get the best level of service possible. These days it’s very much about helping business owners and managers succeed taking the years of knowledge and empowering others to succeed in an ever more competitive business environment.

John also has a passion for music and especially DJing and can be found DJing at clubs across the UK on 80s & 90s nights and also at large corporate events and some select Wedding – look up ‘Real Life DJ‘ on YouTube!

Budget Consious but Keeping Real

As an organisation J Promotions is very selective in the accounts it will work with this is again to ensure we can always deliver what is expected of us and ensuring we are not working with clients that directly compete with each other. This is reassuring to many of our clients who were used to being treated as a ‘one of many’ and a take every client mentality opposed to our ‘one of a few’ approach. A phlosophy we stick to and regually have to turn down clients contracts that clash with existing projects.

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