Consultancy Services

With the depth of knowledge and experience we have from our years in the web industry we are ideally positioned to provide independent opinions and advice on various products and services.

Not only are we able to supply constructive advice for future projects we can assess web based systems and products.

We have consulted for some major brands over the last few years.

We have consulted for some major brands over the last few years.

For example we recently we have been involved in consultancy work for a national magazine group who were seeking to completely more their web strategy in to a more forward thinking offering. We assessed their needs and wants, found developers who could deliver their requirements, wrote the tender documents and was involved in the initial meetings between the chosen developers and the client. This process took around 4 months from start to finish but allowed the magazine group to get the development right first time.

We are also asked to consult on:

  • Website security
  • Digital sales strategy
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales team converted sales figures
  • Social Media paid marketing
  • Disputes with development companies
  • Plus much more

The following video was produced by the client (Sony) to use on a pan European launch of their new website upgrade.

Should you be interested in our consultancy services please complete the form below and a member of our team would only be too happy to run through your options.

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